Call them dream jobs, day jobs, or side gigs: it’s all good.

Help us build the next version of something great.

ARKit Developer

Augmented Reality for Apple devices. You know your stuff. Show us what you’ve done and what you can do.

Social Media Coordinator

You know how to make new connections, nurture relationships and amplify our noise.

Growth Hacker

You’re a data nerd and you can work with the rest of the team to accelerate smart design iteration, marketing and sales.

Product Designer

Good design is a blend of aesthetics, engineering, and I don’t know what. Help make future product features shine.

Server Engineer

You can tune and scale up our engine room.

Unity Developer

Mars isn’t a god or planet. You know this well.


Public demos of working products are essential to both our marketing and our creative processes. Help us iterate and make something great.

Automated Testing Engineer

You keep our code tight, running smoothly, and help us catch bugs before they happen.

Director of Finance

Funding, cashflow projections, runways, burn rates, financial reports: you know how to budget and structure a successful tech business.


You advise on intellectual property, corporate and employment law, and know how to write a mean legal letter. (No horses need be harmed.)