Design for real spaces.

Sketch within the world.

Instant collaborative fun.

Move mountains.
(Scale and rotate them too.)

Import geometries from other programs. Place them anywhere. Work on them with others.

Craft with precision.

Exact measurements at your fingertips, instantly, for whatever you build.

Build anything, anywhere.

Graphite 3D is a general purpose tool for any industry with a 3D design workflow.


Block out changes to outdoor spaces.


Create and modify massings on-site with clients.


Try new interior designs collaboratively with stakeholders.


Capture and shape animation paths by moving your phone through the air.


Import terrain maps, scale and draw on them, wherever you are.


We spend time crafting the app so you can spend less time learning.


Made with professional builders to help you help them help you.

Free Live Support

Toll-free phone, email and chat support will help you with any bumps on the road.

Book a free demo.

Let us show your team how to make the most of Graphite 3D.